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Join us as you start your financial trading journey. We will provide you with all the tools, means and information to carry out successful trades. No matter what your trading experience is we have services tailored to all needs. Trade multiple markets with security, ease and confidence.

Optimised Trading Tools

Our trading tools have been selected and optimised for the best trading experience.

Enhanced Security

All executions take place over highly encrypted servers. All clients' funds are held in separate bank accounts.

Multiple Trading Instruments

We offer multiple trading instruments to help diversify your trading portfolio and gain knowledge of new markets.

About Us

Forex Services for the Modern Trader

We are a modern brokerage who have implemented all the required tools and platforms for simple and secure trades. Our trading environment has been designed to be simple yet powerful. Trade multiple markets and instruments with ease with Smart Ix Shares by your side.

Our Products

Access Multiple Trading Instruments Across The Globe

Choose your instrument and start trading seamlessly. 

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Precious Metals
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Why Choose Us

A Trusted & Transparent FX Brokerage

We are a trusted brokerage offering a trading environment in which anyone can trade like a professional. Our optimised trading tools, selected Crypto & Fx pairs, multiple trading instruments and superior trading conditions will have traders of all experience trading with confidence.

Mobile Friendly Platform

Access your account and trade from anywhere with an internet connection, with our mobile friendly environment.

Fast Execution Speeds

Don't miss a trade due to latency issues, as all our executions take place over high speed dedicated servers.

65+ Selected FX & Crypto Pairs

Trade with ease and transparency as you select from our preselected FX & Crypto pairs.

How it works

Simple To Start Trading Various Markets

Register & Verify

Register and verify your account fast and easy with our onboard verification service.

First Step
Deposit Funds

Choose how you want to deposit your funds and fund your account.

Second Step
Start Trading

Once you are verified and have added funds, you are ready to start trading the financial markets like a pro.

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